Controlling the Storm

Mountains of Arizona
Storms 76 Degrees
5:06 p.m.

It’s a beautiful thing when monsoon season finally shows up in the desert. Once that happens, many afternoons bring a cooling thunderstorm, wind and a sometimes not so gentle reminder that nature has no problem taking care of herself.

I know the alpha entrepreneurs like to think they exert great control over the ebbs and flows of business, but that to me is really just a game people play in order NOT to have to face the truth: that control is a story.

In martial arts (something that is on my brain since getting whacked in the kidney yesterday during class), there is no effort made to control anything. You simply take what comes and work with that. It turns any attack into the very means you use for your attack.

You can adopt this same approach in business. Build your systems, do your work, take it as it comes, give up control.

People will call you crazy. They’ll yell at you to “do something,” or sit you down to explain their 80 point plan for market domination they worked out on their mindmap software. So you have to be ready for that.

But really, this is a path to satisfaction, a path to the radical acceptance of what is, a direct route to carrying with you an ever present stillness in the midst of the storm.

Understand that giving up control is not a passive state, it is an active experience of the moment that is.

It is extremely powerful. In fact, you will accomplish MORE from that single point of now than all of the biggest control freaks put together.