Committing to Slow

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 69 Degrees
3:33 p.m.

No one ever went broke underestimating just how little attention anyone is paying to anything you say or do.

This is where the media platform approach excels. It never ends. And while that might sound like drudgery to some people, it’s actually more like making a public commitment to mastery.

Experts publish. Experts offer insight. Experts provide commentary. Experts share perspective. Experts create innovation. Experts have something to say BEYOND just “how” to do something.

You can’t just expect people to know you have all of these abilities. And no one is listening so you can’t just “tell them.” Saying it once won’t do anything. Saying it 30 times won’t do much more.

SHOWING THEM over and over again allows people to come to their own conclusions.

It’s slow. It takes work. Despite what many think, “slow” isn’t the problem. The problem is that we got caught believing it should be any other way.

WHY are sales supposed to come quickly?

WHY are relationships supposed to be built overnight?

WHY do we want success yesterday?

This is all make believe crazy talk with enough shine on it that people fall for it over and over again.

What happens if you commit to slow?

What happens if you THROW OUT that list you gave the Universe about when X, Y and Z are supposed to happen according to you?

What if you’re so focused on that list you’re COMPLETELY MISSING all of the big opportunities passing you by?