Can You Help Me?

Mountains of Arizona
Windy 59 Degrees
3:29 p.m.

Can you help me?

That’s what the rest of the world is asking itself about you and what you do.

To the extent you can make the answer to that question OBVIOUS, your life in business will go much more smoothly.

But most business owners don’t come anywhere close to making the answer obvious.

And that’s why there are so many obstacles in between your prospect and you.

People with deep pockets attempt to fix this with “exposure.” Getting their name out there is all they need to do.

The direct marketing guys are so infatuated with ads they can’t see anything else. They’re only one ad away from greatness baby!

Other people think that the quality of their work will bridge this gap of understanding. But that seems to be little more than a well-intentioned and well worn path to tiring yourself out trying to get noticed.

Instead of trying to build a bridge to your prospect, step into your prospect’s shoes, look back at your business, and ask yourself, “Can you help me?”

Then figure out how your business has to look to make that answer obvious for the people you choose to serve.