Buying the Wrong Dream

Mountains of Arizona
Cloudy 62 Degrees
1:30 p.m.

Early on in my business career, I spent a lot of time reading books about living the entrepreneurial dream. I was sold! I bought it. All of it!

Unfortunately for me, I think I bought the wrong dream all those years ago.

A far more valuable, profitable and reliable dream to have bought is one I didn’t even know existed back then!

But had I bought this other, better, dream, then perhaps the “how can I make money” and “how can I be successful” questions would not have dominated my mind like they did for so long.

They’re really terrible questions. Terrible quality questions that don’t lead to good places because they’re pretty much bass ackwards constructions.

Had I bought the “other” dream, then perhaps better questions would have moved in to help me on my journey.

Questions like, “How can I solve more problems for more people?” “How can I solve bigger problems for people?”

I bought the entrepreneurial dream when I should have bought the service dream.

If you’re one of those “profit at all costs” type of individuals, you’ll be excited to know this is the best way to get that profit you’re so interested in creating.

Leave YOU out of your dream.

Why are we taught to get fixated on our success? That’s something literally NO ONE else is interested in helping us create.

But there are MILLIONS of people who are interested in having their problems solved.

And success is the natural byproduct of THAT. You don’t even have to think about it or strategize to get it. It comes automatically.