Believing In Magic

Mountains of Arizona
Sunny 73 Degrees
3:35 p.m.

Much of the business brainwashing I ingested over the years focused my awareness on the act of spending money to “get” things.

  • I went on Facebook to buy ads to get leads.
  • I went on YouTube to get even more leads.
  • I sent letters to get clients.

In business, we spend money to get things. And we measure what we get very closely.

In fact, smart businesses do this very well, right?

Most people would agree that these ideas are well within the realm of common sense.

But I refuse to believe that business is different than life. And in life, spending your days trying to get things from others leads to a rather empty and miserable situation. And the MORE money you throw at it, the worse it gets.

Spending your days trying to GIVE things away, however, is completely different.

So what if it’s the same for business?

What if all of this “common sense” is really just story…a story that becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy when you believe it and act on that belief?

How will we know unless we poke through the boundaries and see what’s on the OTHER side of possibility?

A few weeks ago, I stopped publishing the Selling YOU Newsletter. I created it to help all of those people who “hate selling themselves,” which is most of us. I’ve published several paid newsletters over the years and all of them have shown me the same thing:

This is not the way to make the impact I want. So I stopped. I took off my business hat and realized it was very odd that I would put up a paywall in front of my attempts to help people in this way.

And so I’m doing something different. Something that carries no price tag at all. Well, it carries a price tag for me because I’m paying to create it and then I’m paying to give it away.

I’m publishing a new letter, one that I will send to you, in the mail, for free.

“You can’t do that! It’s not sustainable! It will never pay for itself. You’ll go broke giving things away!”

These are the words of people who have been trained not to believe in magic. Because it is exactly magic that is created by these acts.

I know. Because I feed 9 children by giving things away every single day.

The magic seems to begin when you trust enough (in yourself and the general flow of the Universe) to stop doing things to get other things.

I’m willing to INVEST in you, both my time and my money, with zero expectation of return. That’s the business model.

I could never write a book about this approach because it’s only a few sentences long. And it’s not going to get me invited to speak at a business seminar either. But it might just accidentally shift a few thousand lives. And that’s really what I’m after. That will, without a second thought, shift my own.

It works. If you work it.

Instead of publishing a paid newsletter, I’m publishing an unpaid one.

It’s here if you want the issue that’s about to mail.