Another Helping of Cheese and Whiskers

The Desert of Arizona
Sunny 60 Degrees

Something clicked in me the day I first heard Dean Jackson and Joe Polish’s I Love Marketing podcast about whiskers and cheese. It was a few years ago at this point, but its impact has only grown.

It led me to (finally) get Facebook lead generation campaigns producing optins like a water faucet. These days, I can pretty much turn the flow on or off depending on what I need for the various businesses I run.

It led me to a new way of thinking about selling services as an expert. This new way of thinking has had an enormous impact, not only on my own client attraction efforts, but in the work I do with my clients… most of which these days are in the client attraction business as well.

Instead of “selling,” you basically “advise” your prospect to the sale.

The feeling is totally different for them. Instead of getting pushed to the sale, you create your marketing strategy so there’s always another piece of great tasting cheese there for them to eat.

If you’ve never heard this podcast, listen to it. If you’ve already listened to it once, might I recommend another helping?

This cheese/whiskers idea is something that can totally revolutionize your thinking about how you attract clients.

It’s easy when you’re an entrepreneur to DEVOUR information and then go looking for more. It’s a little bit like eating a hamburger at McDeath or some other fast food joint. You eat, but you don’t really get fed.

The real information isn’t like that. The real info, like what you’ll discover in that podcast, can “feed” you for years.

I recommend you give it a listen…