Alone on the Road

Mountains of Arizona
Before Sunrise 42 Degrees
5:09 a.m.

For as many people as there are out there who own their own business, who make their own way through the world, the road that carries people on this journey is relatively empty.

Most people simply will not get on this road. They might say they want to, they just don’t do it.

Maybe they don’t know how. Maybe they’re afraid of what might happen. Maybe they’re scared of what might NOT happen.

It’s not their fault. The world expects them to act like slaves and most choose to comply simply because they have not been shown that another path is possible. This will be the case until they get fed up with life being dictated to them and choose another route.

If you venture off into the side roads of this entrepreneurial journey, by choosing to redefine what business is and how you engage with it, the road gets even less populated.

And should you decide to completely disregard all of the directives you’ve received since birth about how you “have” to live and work, you can look around for miles and not see another soul.

The result is that, many times, it can feel like you’re walking on the road all by yourself.

No matter where you are on this journey, no matter how many obstacles you face, it is helpful to step back and remember how much power you have.

For there is a difference between alone and lonely.

Alone is a circumstance. Lonely is a story.

Alone is a fact, lonely is a choice.

If you look closely enough, you realize that you have opportunities like this in just about every area of your life to re-dream how you see the world and what it means.
This is not viewing life through “rose colored glasses,” this is conscious and deliberate creation of your path.

No one in the system DARE whisper this secret to you, for it is a power that no one can control. It is an opportunity no one can remove. It is a door through which no one can keep you from walking.

What if the most powerful number IS a single individual living their own truth?