How Would Things Change If You Always Had Help Figuring Out the “Next Step” For Building Your Business?

The Business Growth Advisory Program Provides Clarity, Direction and Practical Advice To Help You Make Consistent Progress

“Jason has an uncanny ability to pluck out the unifying ‘big idea’ in your campaign or your business. In our work together he’s helped me re-imagine my business, through the lens of my best clients. As a result, I expect to add $1-Million in revenue over the next three years beyond what would have happened without his help.”

Steve Gordon

“Working with Jason Leister within the Business Advisory program has been a transformative collaboration.

Jason has the unique ability to ask questions and presents thoughts and ideas in an honest trusting manner, which allows new concepts and strategies to rise to the top about the business you’re really in and how to present it to the marketplace in such a way that stands out and makes a difference.

Moments and breakthroughs will arise during discussions that will transform your business, that I can assure you of, because it has happened more than once for me personally throughout my journey with Jason.

If you’re seeking real guidance on what your business can offer and the platform to present it to your marketplace, I highly encourage you to join this program. The time spent and investment made will be the best decisions you’ve ever made for your business and your lifestyle.

Troy Steine

While it’s easy to find exciting and inspiring stories of “overnight success” in business, that doesn’t seem to be how it plays out for the majority of people.

Instead, the journey to business success is a steady stream of learning experiences and course corrections. There is a constant supply of opportunities for learning and improving.

Staying on this path, even when it gets challenging, is the price we pay for what we want: a life where we are responsible for our success and are richly rewarded for becoming valuable to the world.

When You Can’t See the Trees For the Forest

It’s not uncommon to get so stuck in the “weeds” of building your business that you completely lose perspective and start thinking and doing things that actually work against you.

You can’t see the trees because you’re lost somewhere in the middle of a huge forest. “What to do next” becomes a difficult question to answer.

What’s the Next Step to Get Closer To My Goal?

If you always had the answer to THAT, then you’d never want for clarity. You’d wake up every day confident about the way forward.

I spend most of my days giving direction to people in pursuit of goals. The specific goals come in all shapes and sizes. But the process of seeing how to structure ideas, resources and actions is consistent. And that’s what I do.

Some days the focus is on mindset.

Some days the focus is on strategy.

Some days it’s marketing systems.

Other days it’s purely on the level of the “how do I do this?” tactic.

The result is that I help people become clearer about who they are, what they do and how to build a business that provides value to others AND works for them at the same time.

The Business Growth Advisory Program Now Makes Answers Like This Available to You

The Business Growth Advisory Program is setup to serve almost anyone who is truly serious about building a business.

The way it works is very simple:

As a Member, you will have the opportunity to get the clarity, direction, focus and practical advice you need by sending in an Advisory Request for me to review.

Inside this worksheet, you can ask questions, talk about challenges you’re dealing with, ask for my ideas about a certain topic or whatever would be helpful to move you forward.

You can address multiple issues in a single worksheet. The goal is that you organize your thoughts a little bit and choose the highest priority issues to deal with.

I will record my responses in a downloadable audio and send them to you within 72 hours (M-F) so you can get the clarity you need to take action.

This program is extremely simple for a reason. The goal here is maximum effectiveness for everyone, in minimum time, with the least amount of effort all around.

A Master’s Level Education in Business Building

As a Member of the Business Growth Advisory Program, you’ll also receive access to a growing Learning Library full of on demand trainings you can take to build your skills.

These will provide additional direction in the areas of mindset, strategy and tactics.

Trainings includes things like…

Art and Science of Attraction: How to rewire yourself to attract what you seek.

Decision Point Deep Dive: How to make it easy for prospective clients to say, “Yes!”

Fee Setting Made Simple: How to stop charging clients like a “vendor” and start charging premium fees like an Incomparable Expert

Mindset Reset: A crash course in getting rid of the “mind trash” that’s interfering with your success.

Path to Power: You were trained to give away your personal power on almost every level of your life. Here’s how to take it back.

Incomparable Expert Formula: What does it mean to become an Incomparable Expert and how can you do it? Discover the simple formula here.

The Platform Lab: Discover the four part process for designing a media platform to attract clients that works!

Working With Clients Made Simple: Get a quick overview of the entire system for attracting and managing clients.

How to Build a Client Getting Website: Get a crash course in building a website that works to get you clients.

Becoming the Hunted: In the animal kingdom, there are only two positions: leader of the pack or member of the pack. In business, there’s a similar situation. In business, you can either be the hunter or you can be the hunted. You want to be the hunted.

Client Management Mistakes and How to Fix Them: Discover how to leverage the most underestimated secret to winning the client game.

The Platform Launchpad: Discover the step-by-step process for strategizing, building and growing your own client attraction Platform.

Phone Selling Secrets: If there’s one lucky break I got in my business, it’s the dumb luck that led me to becoming an expert at using the phone to sell.

Selling Words – How to Write Sales Copy That Sells YOU: Put the most powerful skill ever created for the solo service provider to work for you.

How to Sell Yourself With Email: If you are in the business of selling yourself, then you’ll want to discover a system for writing emails that sell YOU without being a slimy salesperson.

How to Dig for Gold: If there’s one single skill that has the power to completely transform your business and allow you to raise your fees, this is the one. Discover how to turn simple questions into big dollars for your business.

How to Avoid the 5 Client Mistakes That Cost Me $105,000 in Lost Fees: What’s the value of avoiding some of my most expensive mistakes?

BIG SELF Blueprint: How would your work with clients change if you doubled your confidence and stopped giving away your power to things and people outside yourself?

Money Matters: During this training, I’m going to walk you through some of the things I’ve learned over the years to clear out your head trash and reset your beliefs about money and value.

Before You Make the Call – Your Shortcut to the Success Mindset: You have one chance to get your first interaction with a prospective client right. Here’s how you do it.

Get Clients FAST: There’s nothing better for your fees or your authority in the marketplace than to get clients slowly. But sometimes, you just can’t wait. Then what?

From a step by step process for creating a client attraction system to trainings about money, mindset and client management, the Learning Library will address each part of your business and give you powerful resources to grow and expand.

Who This Is For

The Business Growth Advisory Program is for business builders who want to settle into a consistent rhythm of progress. If you are looking for a way to make consistent progress, and you want a “guide” to offer customized help for you to work through ideas and obstacles, this is for you.

Members use this service to get help with sales copy, with marketing systems, with mindset issues, with client management challenges, product and service development, as a sounding board for planning the future of their business and more.

Business Growth Advisory Program Enrollment

The Business Growth Advisory Program is about getting you the answers you need to make progress on your journey. That’s the focus.

The monthly enrollment fee for the Advisory Program (Standard) is $397 per month. There’s no contract, no obligation. You stay for as long as you are receiving value.

By enrolling in the Advisory Program, you may make an unlimited number of submissions per month with questions about your business for me to answer via recorded audio.

Advisory Program Enrollment


Please note, the Advisory Program is for “doers.” It is for people with the ability to take action without being watched or managed. If that is not you, this program is not something you will find valuable. To succeed in this program you must be self-motivated and take full responsibility for your own forward motion.

Enroll Now
To my coach Jason,

Right about the time I began production on my first back end product, I took your advice and started a platform – a weekly podcast.

Once per week I sat down and took four hours to do what should’ve taken one hour – outline, script, record, edit, upload, write, and schedule an email telling my audience the broadcast was ready.

I didn’t make a huge deal about getting my customers to sign up for my podcast, because I knew neither how successful it would be, or even if I would continue the podcast beyond the sales test of my first back-end product’s introduction. Still, I was able to sign up about 23% of my total customers – approximately 1800 people – to my podcast email notifications.

After creating the first few episodes, my listenership declined to around 700 people. I was highly discouraged! I felt as though the market was shouting at me that they did not want my podcast! However, by the time episode 10 came around, I was back up to about 2400 listeners every week.

And then came episode 14 – when I was finally ready to sell my first back end info product. This product cost $97.

Let me also add that by this point in the platform journey, I was very tired of putting my podcast together. Even though I had streamlined, it still took me at least 2.5 man hours of work per week to get an episode up. I was almost hoping that the platform would not prove effective, so that I could throw in the towel and not feel bad about it!

And so: I set up my big launch test.

To my platform, I was going to record a special edition of the podcast that would focus on the problem that my new back end product solved, then ending the 15 minute podcast with a five-minute blurb all about the new product and how excited I was to offer it to them. Not much of a sales campaign by most Internet standards! But by this point in the journey, even if I didn’t particularly enjoy building my platform, I had enough respect for my podcast listeners to know that bombarding them with emails was simply not an option. I had talked to too many of them – they were real people whose time I respected. This audience was about 2500 people.

To the remainder of my customer list – those who did NOT sign up for my platform, I planned a regular email style sales campaign. You should also know that I did nothing to keep up a relationship with this audience of non-podcast listeners. I respected their choice to not be communicated with, and I placed my faith in the hope that they would remember me and the product they originally purchased from me whenever I was ready to try to sell them something new. The size of this audience was 9600 people.

I sent out the 14th episode of my podcast, and I hit “send” on the first email in my campaign to the big non-listener list. And I promptly shut off all my electronic devices and went grocery shopping! Lunches are just too darn stressful 🙂

I wasn’t sure what to expect: Jason, through all of your strategic coaching, and in all of our weekly pep talks, you encouraged me to keep up with building a platform saying that you were positive the platform was the surest way to guarantee successful back end sales down the road. I didn’t want to believe it – it was so much work!

But two weeks later, the results are crystal-clear:

Products sold to the 2500 podcast listeners? 433 copies of my latest program.

Product sold to the gigantic list of 9600 previous customers? 114 copies sold.


Jason, I doubt I could ever express how fortunate I am that I stuck with your coaching. You are one of the absolute fewest remaining voices of wisdom repeating the mantra of one of my personal heroes, Paul Harvey: that perspiration itself… hard work… seems to be the fertilizer of success. If something sounds easy? It’s probably too good to be true. If something seems so difficult that you just want to quit week after week… that’s probably what you should be doing!

Perhaps the most touching evidence of all demonstrating the complete success of your platform concept is the fact that of the many positive and supportive replies I received to my 14th episode which – let me remind you – focused on SELLING a product, there was from a gentleman who said “Hooray! It’s Tuesday, which is “Pat day” for me. Pat day is my favorite day of the week already, and now I have another one of your programs on the way. Thank you and keep up the great work!”

Thanks again Jason. You speak the truth, and I am now $40,000 wealthier because I was humble enough to listen to you.


Pat S*****

Hi Jason,

I wanted to send you a note of gratitude. I really enjoyed working with you and appreciate all the wonderful insights and contributions that you made on our projects.

Just one advice you gave on direct mail follow up and your copywriting feedback, has already paid for your fees over and over!!

Your influence will definitely be seen as we work to implement all the great ideas you shared with us.

All the best,
Jeff Paro

Back in May, I found myself in a very strange place in my copywriting career.

I was quickly gaining a reputation as one of the hottest Internet copywriters around. I had the #1 sales letter on ClickBank, I had great testimonials from high profile clients, and my conversions were averaging over 8% in tough markets.

Yet, I had ZERO new clients!

I was suffering from the same potentially fatal condition so many copywriters face… I sucked at selling myself. I could make clients bank accounts light up like pinball machines, but when it came to touting my own services, I was useless as an ashtray on a motorcycle.

I joined Jason’s coaching program and he immediately turned my head around. We went over my process of dealing with clients and he showed me all the money I was leaving on the table.

For instance, when prospects would ask for a price quote, I was doing something really dumb — GIVING IT. Without knowing anything about their business, their ultimate goals or their TRUE needs (which they typically have no clue about).

Using the system Jason taught me, I quickly restructured my negotiating process, and within 4 weeks, I went from 0 new clients, to being booked 2 1/2 months in advance with 3 new clients, and one repeat client. That was pretty amazing, but even more important… clients now see me as a partner in their business, not just a copywriter filling pages with words.

Even my former clients now view me with higher regard, and have no problem paying twice what they paid before.

That’s because Jason taught me how to become a valuable asset to my client’s business, rather than a necessary expense.

As copywriters, we don’t cost our clients money, we make them money. Helping a client make this realization is the key to a long, relaxing, and prosperous future in this business… But first you have to see it yourself.

And no one will show you better, or faster, than Jason Leister.

Thanks for everything, Jason.

Kevin Rogers

With about 100,000 folks offering business and internet coaching, why did I choose to Jason Leister to coach me?

Because out of all the people claiming to be coaches, only a handful have actually done what they are talking about. Its easy to tell people what they should be doing in their business. It’s far harder to build a business. Jason has built not one, but several working business systems. It’s the difference between knowledge and wisdom.

Next, take the small handful of coaches who have actually built several online business systems and narrow it down to ones who can actually teach what they are doing. Few coaches are left standing at this point. Jason is.

And finally, narrow the few coaches left down to those who have not only done, but can teach, and also realize that you are unique and need a unique solution, not just be forced into some Betty-Crocker-one-size-fits-all-mold. From my perspective, you are left with Jason Leister as your coach.

Robert Stover

I have been very impressed with Jason Leister’s abilities to hone in on what is needed and offer creative and functional advice. He is very perceptive and has been able to offer me many practical solutions for my business. I have really enjoyed working with Jason and whole-heartedly recommend him!

Craig Koniver, MD
Organic Medicine Now

Jason will help you get to the heart of what makes you special as a service provider…What sets you apart from the rest. You and your clients can’t help but profit from this knowledge.

Peter Brennan (high impact sales copy)