Adding Value and Getting Money

The Desert of Arizona
Clear 60 Degrees

On Tim Ferriss’s recent podcast with Seth Godin, Seth had the guts to call out one of the biggest myths we hear in the world of “business.”

That myth is that money will flow to you IF you are delivering value to the marketplace. As Seth was quick to point out, this simply isn’t true. Sometimes it’s true, sometimes it’s not.

I mindlessly believed this for years. Until one day, I saw it was a lie. There’s tons of value being delivered all over the place where money is often NOT what is returned.

Is this a problem?

Kind of. It’s definitely a problem if your mind is imprisoned fully inside the “matrix” and you believe money exists as a real thing and not simply as a construct of the mind. It’s also a problem if you just want money. Ha!

But there’s a third much more disturbing reason believing this myth is a problem:

Because if you’re out there doing your thing and MONEY is the only rule you use to gauge whether or not it’s “working,” chances are, you’re going to let your light go out when the world needs you to keep it burning.

This line of thought keeps people from adding value to the world in the way they are designed to do it, simply because there’s no “money proof” that value is being delivered.

From my experience, you only WIN when you give this idea up altogether.

But how do you pay your bills? How do you send your kids to school? How do you eat?

The solution isn’t a simple answer. We have thousands of years of habit to work to see beyond before we get to solutions. But it begins with asking these VERY questions.

In the meantime, why not do what you’re here to do?