457 Ways to Help Your Prospective Clients

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In today’s Monday Hotsheet, I wrote about a simple advertising and marketing idea that’s super easy to forget. It’s especially easy to forget when you attain expert level status at something.

Most all of you reading this have done just that. You are experts. But believe it or not, the more you know about a certain subject, the more difficult it can be to figure out how to create marketing that gets attention.


For the same reason experts often have trouble sitting down to write… say an article.

When you become an expert, most of the knowledge you have about your work seems far less than special to you. We all have that internal critic that says, “You can’t talk about that! Everyone knows that! That’s common sense, stupid! You’ll get laughed at if you put that out there!”

Your body of knowledge kind of all globs together into one big bundle of what you know. That makes it kind of hard to get specific enough to attract attention.

Specificity attracts attention. Why?

Because it gives your prospective client a CONCRETE thing to respond to. The response might be positive or negative. It doesn’t really matter. What matters is that what you set out there to attract attention (an ad, a free report, a book, whatever) speaks to a specific issue your prospects deal with.

You start specific and broaden out from there.

Your clients can’t wrap their heads around the 457 ways you can help them. So going out there with THAT just leads to inaction. Lead with ONE thing. It’s got to be something that’s clear, specific and of interest to the people you want to attract.

Put yourself in the shoes of your prospective client and pick a SINGLE problem that’s in their field of vision. Address that.