240 Minutes

The Desert of Arizona
Stars 25 Degrees

RE: 240 Minutes

Yesterday morning, I spent 4 hours on the phone doing 15 minute consultations with subscribers of The Client Letter. 16 were scheduled–all but two showed up.

The purpose was to look forward into 2014 and talk about how to make it better than 2013.

I want to share with you some of what came up during those calls. I do this because I know that every single issue I discussed is shared by many people.

For the Master Procrastinators who just can’t get started…

Instead of looking for motivation from within, look for it on the outside. There’s nothing more motivating than making PUBLIC commitments that get you in action mode. It’s a way to use the “training” we’ve all received (fear of humiliation) to your advantage. Do you think I’d sit down and write a daily email if no one in the world was expecting it? The responsibility of that expectation is enough to get the action. The next time you find yourself “procrastinating,” think of the people who are waiting for you to show up and add value to their lives. Now imagine having them right in front of you asking you when you’re going to stand up and help the world…

For those who are always “in their own way…”

What happens if you give up that idea? What happens if you stop looking for proof that supports it? What happens to your future if you accept that you’re ALWAYS right where you’re supposed to be?

For those who are looking for clarity but can’t find it…

I’ve never once been able to THINK my way to clarity. Clarity has always been a byproduct that comes only on the tail end of a lot of doing. When in doubt, do.

For those who are currently walking through “the dip” (where the going is tough) and are thinking of throwing in the towel…

Imagine the day your kids come up to you and ask you why you quit when things got hard. If you can’t think of one good explanation for them, make sure that day never comes. DON’T QUIT on your dreams.

For those who are waiting for the answers before getting started…

No one has your answers. Don’t make your business “looking for answers.” The pay is crap and it’s totally frustrating. Your answers are for you to discover. You won’t find them in a book. The answers you seek will be found in the doing.

I want to thank everyone who participated yesterday. As always, it seems that I received far more than I gave.

The next issue of the Rainmaker Letter is going to focus on the coming year and on helping you make progress in the 3 key areas of our business. Those are mindset, client attraction and client management. Get onboard if you don’t already subscribe. At $99 for the entire year, I don’t believe there’s a better value out there anywhere.